TLDR: We are technical support collective for freedom oriented intentional communities. We already started in the net and we start digging beginning of May. Everyone is invited to join&share.
Location: Komorzno, Poland

NOTE: The hands-on support needed to help us with the language and style!


FreeLab: Winter Orbit

After an awesome reception @ ARGTek 2012 (separate summary will be posted soon) and a very creative talk with our friens in Poznan, we decided to move to a new Poznan squat for the autumn/winter season (Sep. 2012 – May 2013). During the cold season we plan to:

  1. Keep building the FreeLab centric community.
  2. Accumulate resources for the warm season in-field construction works.
  3. Spread our activity in the urban environment, helping our friends to build new facilities there.

Come and meet us in Poznan!

Still looking for a wind generator!

While we are already promised to get solar arrays for this summer, we are still looking for a wind power generator to borrow.
The thing is: Building our own wind power station is one of top priorities this summer, but it still needs some time and money. So we are looking for somebody to lend us a small (up to 3kW) wind turbine, to feed our powerbanks until we launch the windmill on our own.
In return we provide the internet-wide burst of joy and gratefullness, plus real-environment readings, showing the turbine performance on the long term basis.

Good news before May talkoot!

TLDR: W shall have solar power & accus. We shall host a press lady!

Thanks to Cyril, we hopefully have at least 240 Watt solar power cell array. If my talks with Photovoltaic Lab @ Warsaw Technical University go well, we even can double that capacity!
We are still looking for a wind generator, but solar cells help a lot already.

Yesterday I have brought 8 large UPS accus (72 Ah each) for regeneration. The are donated by our friendly UPS service gentleman. After regeneration we should be able to have at least 75% of their original storage available. Even before the super-power-bank being in place, we shall use them with our converters and THE POWER WILL BE WITH US!

Also yesterday I met a lady from Gazeta Wyborcza, who plans to join us for the May gathering. Not only to lend a hand, but she is also going to write about us. We shall be famous! Yahaa!

The May hardcore talkoot @ #FreeLab

Due to so-called ‘long May weekend’, that is a series of public holidays (1st & 3rd of May) together with in-between days and adjacent weekends, we have quite a long time this year to start construction works at #FreeLab facility in Komorzno.

Several people from Poland and even from abroad wishes to join us to share hard work, simple food and deep discussion that would shape the world, or #FreeLab at least. The talkoot will take place between 28.04 and 6.05 – as many days as you can spend with us.

So, if you can spare couple days, come and see us – grab your working boots and gloves, camera and sleeping bag and let us know about your arrival. We provide a car pooling, tent pooling and generally warm welcome to everyone.

See you there!



Our first leaflet in English

Hi, attached to this post, you will find the beta version of our general information leaflet. It is set up in PDF, printer ready (duplex). When you print it two-side, you can fold it accordion-like (see grey dashed guide lines between text columns) and start spreading the word!

#FreeLab flyer #1